Frankenmuth Brewery Box Truck Wrap

Frankenmuth Brewery in the Flint MI area reached out to Flash Forward Media back in the summer of 2016. The goal was to give their old truck a fresh new look and advertise their brews in the Flint MI area. With some direction and some provided pics and logos we were able to design their box truck wrap very quickly.

    Click to enlarge image FMB_Rendition1.jpg

 Frankenmuth wanted this box truck wrap to last so we used 3M materials. We installed the wrap locally in the Flint MI area in their warehouse. The end result was a great looking wrap that will attracts attention everywhere it goes in the Flint area.

5th Ave Furniture Box Truck in Detroit

5th Ave Furniture, a furniture store in Detroit MI, wanted to use their delivery truck to advertise and drum up new business. So thery reached out to us to design, print and install a full wrap. Starting with the design; we wanted to make it look like the truck was full of furniture. While a good idea it made for a lot of cutting in Photoshop. With in a few trys we had our design.

    Click to enlarge image 5AF_Rendition1.jpg
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    Click to enlarge image 5AF_Rendition4.jpg

For the material we used 3M with high gloss lamination. We were able to install the truck locally at 5th Ave's warehouse in Detroit.

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If you are in the market for a new couch or ottoman and are in the Detroit metro area call 5th Ave and you can have it delivered in their wrapped box truck.

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Frederik Meijer Gardens | Lexus Car Wrap 2018

We did such a great job with the first Lexus we did, Frederik Meijer Gardens and their Lexus of Grand Rapids partner, came back to us for a wrap on their Lexus RX-L. For this Lexus they wanted us to take an already established look that they were using for other marketing materials. We were able to finalize the design pretty quickly.

    Click to enlarge image TOU_Frederik-Meijer-RX1.jpg
    Click to enlarge image TOU_Frederik-Meijer-RXL2.jpg

 Because this wrap was to only be used for the summer concert season we printed on 3M 180c. 3M can easily be removed without damaging the vehicle. For install, we had our installer travel to them and install the wrap locally at the Grand Rapids Lexus dealer.

United Johnson Brothers of Alabama Trailer Wrap

Not too long ago United Johnson Brothers of Alabama, located in Birmingham AL area, contacted us to produce a full wrap on their custom draft beer trailer. It took a few designs but finally we settled on a vintage Coleman cooler. It was a near tie between the wooden box design and the Coleman cooler but the cooler squeaked ahead. You can find inspiration in the strangest of places. We found several high resolution pictures of Coleman coolers and were able to use the hardware from those images.

    Click to enlarge image UJB_Rendition1.jpg
    Click to enlarge image UJB_Rendition11A.jpg
    Click to enlarge image UJB_Rendition16b.jpg
    Click to enlarge image UJB_Rendition2.jpg
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We printed the wrap on 3M 180c with 8519 overlamination and installed it locally in Birmingham, Alabama.