Frederik Meijer Gardens | Lexus Car Wrap 2017 Grand Rapids, MI

Back in 2017 Frederik Meijer Gardens, a concert venue in Grand Rapids, MI, contacted us to produce a vehicle wrap to promote their concerts and local Lexus of Grand Rapids partner. They wanted the a full wrap with roof that would really demand attention. At first we designed a dark colored wrap that they were not thrilled with. By simply inverting the colors in the background we were able to produce a nice lighter background. Once we did that we were on the right track.

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Per usual we printed on 3M 180c with high gloss lamination. The wrap was only to be used for the summer and then removed at the end. 180c can be removed without damaging the vehicle which worked out great for the Grand Rapids Lexus dealer. After the summer we removed it and they were able to add the vehicle back into their inventory.

The installation was done locally at the Lexus of Grand Rapids. The folks at the dealership were very accommodating and the vehicle wrap turned out great.