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Vehicle Wraps Virgina

Relative rides of Falls Church Virginia, a new start up company that connects safe drivers with families that need someone to pick up their children from soccer or drive grandma to pick up her prescription, or any chauffeur type task, contacted Flash Forward Media to get a partial vehicle wrap utilizing the companies logo on their Toyota Prius. Relative Rides' unique business was in need of a unique vehicle wrap concept. Flash Forward Media set out to design just that. After pondering a few options the most original idea was to have the wrap look as if the rear door had been removed and you could see passenger's sitting in the back seat. The most challenging part at attempting this would be to find a suitable photo for Prius wrap. Of course it would need to be high res enough, the angle of the photo would need to be correct and the occupants needed to be of the correct demographic. We found the perfect image however, there was one problem. The two girls in the picture looked very sad.

Relative Rides Virginia

The simplest solution was to get them new happy heads! This seemingly simple task actually turned out to be a bit more difficult than you might think. Again the angle had to be right, the age had to be similar and the of course, happy! After much searching though Flash Forward Media found a match and completed a truly unique design for Relative Rides.

Relative Rides

Go to Relative Rides website and sign up for free to be a driver today and keep an eye out for the Relative Rides Prius wrap in Virginia!