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Direct Mail Campaigns

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Direct mailers and postcard distribution is a great and effective way to hype a special event or send coupons to a target demographic. If you have a restaurant a direct mail campaign is a great way to send out specials coupons or if you have a trade company it's a great way to showcase your services in the area.

Direct Mailers - Mailing List Demographics

Vehicle Wraps

In case you do not have a mailing list for your direct mail campaign Flash Forward Media can offer a wide range of mailing list options to target a wide range of demographics. Including geographical, age, residential, business, commercial, household income, martial status and more. We offer so many demographic options to ensure that your direct mail campaign hits it's target audience.

Direct Mail Printing and Distribution

Vehicle Wraps

We print on 14 pt card stock and use high gloss UV protected inks so all the colors pop and stand out. From the printer to distribution, we can field all the address printing, postage and distribution.

Driect Mail Campaign

Direct Mail - Post Card Design

Vehicle Wraps

If you do not yet have a postcard design for your direct mail campaign we can help you throughout the design process. Our designers will work with you directly to create a design that cannot be ignored. Bold and brash or professional and sleek, we can create a 100% original design that will express the exact look and feel of your company.