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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the most exciting new forms of advertising!

Wraps are eye-catching and always get noticed. In the vehicle graphics world they stand out from the crowd of die cut graphics that can look boring by comparison.

If your business has a work van or delivery vehicle YOU NEED A WRAP.

When you driving through your targeted markets and neighborhoods why not be advertising? Turn your car, van, truck or SUV into a rolling billboard advertising your products or services. As a contractor think of the benefits of a simple plastic sign at the end of your customer's driveway. Your vehicle wrap will go miles farther to capture the attention of the entire neighborhood!

Is a vehicle wrap worth the money?
A vehicle wrap may seem like an expensive initial investment for a small business; and it is.  However, when compared to other forms of advertising however, you will find that a wrap is actually the best value for your marketing dollar. The number of impressions your wrap will make throughout the 3-7 years you'll have it vastly outnumber the contacts you'll make with radio advertising, newspaper advertising, or even billboards. An independent study by Arbitron revealed that more than 95% of Americans travel by car every week. The thousands of Americans on the freeway each day are the perfect audience for your branding. Ideally your vehicle wrap could generate between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions each day! Bottom line - vehicle wraps are one of the most economical means of advertising.

Advertising Statistics (in cost per thousand impressions) Source: Trucking Association & Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Prime time TV spot: $20.54
Newspaper (1/4 page B&W): $11.66
Prime time Network TV: $11.31
Radio (60 second morning drive spot): $5.92
Rotary Bulletins (posters): $3.90
Vehicle wrap/graphic: $0.70

Flash Forward Media's designers have over a decade of design experience with vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics. From professional to wild Flash Forward Media can create a vehicle wrap design composition that will capture the exact look of your company. Even if your company is still in it's infancy we can develop a design that you'll love.

Once we send you an initial rendition, you would respond to us with your feedback. At that point we would revise your design and send you an updated version. Through out the design process you will work back and forth with our design team until you are satisfied with your finished design.

Wrap Printing

Once your vehicle wrap design has been completed the next step is to send it to print. At Flash Forward Media we only use the best, highest quality large format digital prints. We print on 3M's highest quality vinyl: 180c V3. We laminate the vinyl with a 3M matching high gloss lamination that not only protects the print from the elements but the hash UV rays of the sun as well, ensuring your vehicle wrap's colors stay bright for years to come.

Flash Forward Media  only employs 3M Certified installers that have gone through rigorous training on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our installers are meticulous and detail oriented ensuring that your vehicle wrap will not fall victim to premature failure. You can be sure that our installers will do the best job possible when conducting the installation.

Vehicle Wrap Installation

Flash Forward Media understands that a vehicle wrap is a big investment and we will do everything possible to deliver to you the highest quality designs, prints and installation. We don't want you to be just satisfied with your vehicle wrap; we want you to be thrilled with both the design and the end result.

We offer Vehicle Wrap services to the following states:

Alabama | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Washington DC | Florida | Georgia | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin